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Chinese Learning Programmes


Curriculum Descriptions

*Children Age of 6 – 9 years old

The purpose of this learning programme is to build up the Chinese language foundation of a child in 3 aspects which include listening, reading and writing.

We apply practical teaching methods, 21st century fun learning activities and multiple intelligence activities in the lesson. Along this one year learning programme we hope to see improvement and breakthrough in the child’s learning progress.  

21st century fun learning application
No interest in learning Mandarin
Learn how to listen and speak Mandarin
Refuse to reply in Mandarin or do not understand Mandarin
Learn how to write and read in Mandarin
Forcing children to memorize the words without understanding the actual meaning
Through interactive learning, children will acquire basic grammar rules, reading which include pin yin, writing and communication skills.
Weak foundation in Chinese
Learn through multiple intelligence and creative learning activities
Punishing the children for not being able to master Mandarin language thus making them feel stressed or frustrated
Professional teachers graduated with degree or master in education and have more than 3-6 years teaching experience to help your child
Parents facing difficulty to teach at home no matter how hard you have tried
Incorporates high level of moral values in dealing with different real life situations and circumstances the children may encounter
Children’s learning behavior and values

Juperhero Learning Programme


For 6 - 9 Years Old

限于 6 - 9岁

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