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Children learn the Chinese Language and English Language confidently with interactive educational approaches to help laying a solid foundation for learning these two languages amongst children aged 5 to 9; which include listening, reading and writing.


小孩可以自信地学好中文及英文的教育服务来帮助5-9岁的小孩打好学习中文与英文的语文基础; 听,读,写。


Provide long-distance educational services through virtual online classroom. Passionate educators use electronic devices to conduct online interactive teaching with the students.



Our Story



Juperhero EduFun Academy is initiated to help children to form a firm foundation in learning the Chinese and the English languages, no matter wherever they are. 


Jem Hiew

Founder of Juperhero EduFun Academy






Story of Juperhero EduFun Academy & Founder


I was born in a Chinese educated family. I was once a child who hated to learn Chinese. Not only that, I refused to take Chinese lessons and always thought that I was being forced to learn the language. But, everything started to change ever since university life. I was admitted as a teacher trainee at a local teacher training college and “unfortunately” given an opportunity majoring in the Chinese Language. I was so afraid at the situation thinking that I was not going to make it through until graduation.

Five and a half years (2010-2015) being a teacher trainee had totally changed my attitude. I started to realise the significance of learning the Chinese Language. It really changed my life especially in my career.  Since then, I had started to love the Chinese Language so much that it sparked a little voice inside me to have a heart to teach the language. After graduation, I started my teaching career in West Malaysia and that little voice in me grew even stronger. I started to try out different kinds of teaching pedagogy. In order to deepen my knowledge, I took up psychology courses with the aim to help change the children’s mind set towards learning the Chinese Language. My main intention is to explain to them the advantages of learning the language and that learning the language is fun. There is a high percentage of children that are not interested in learning the Chinese Language and even refuse to learn. These children include those who come from an English speaking background. I always love to have conversation with little ones about learning Chinese and I always heard the most was “Chinese is too hard!” This is quite a pathetic notion! I was once a Chinese Language “hater” and I don’t want the next generation to have this wrong conception as well. I believe that learning through fun playing is the key to overcome “Chinese is too hard!”

After a year (2016 – 2017) of being a Chinese Language teacher in an urban primary school, I decided to pursue my Master degree in education via long distance learning with a prominent local university. I was hoping that somehow I would make a breakthrough for not just being an ordinary teacher.  I want to become a teacher who can make a difference. I want to be a teacher who can make life impacting changes. I have a vision to build up learning attitudes amongst younger children. On my third year (2018) teaching, I was posted back to my hometown Sabah to teach in a rural Chinese medium school.

About 80% of the students in this school were the natives of Sabah who speak either their own mother tongues the Kadazan Dusun Language, the Murut Language, or Malay Language.  What makes it even worse is that most of them from the Chinese background don’t speak fluent mandarin because they speak English at home. This situation worsens the learning condition of the Chinese Language and English Language in the school. Most teachers translate the learning contents into Bahasa Malaysia. I could imagine most of these children don’t have the interest to attend Chinese medium schools. As such, we may say that most of the students (at least 80% as mentioned above) in this school neither speak mandarin nor write standard Chinese as well as not eloquent in the English Language. Sad to say that they face difficulties in mastering or acquiring the Chinese Language and the English Language. 

I have been a teacher of a primary school, but after teaching in government schools for 4 years, first in a school at an urban area, followed by a school at a rural area, I realize there is something missing in the present educational system. There is no intention on my part to blame any parties, but intended to take actions and make a difference. There sparks a very strong flame in my heart to help this group of kids. Consequently, I, Teacher Jemimah, am aspired to find ways to help them. As time goes by, my desire to help grows stronger and deeper in my heart each day and Juperhero EduFun Academy is initiated for this meaningful purpose in education. This is why Juperhero EduFun Academy is initiated to help not only children to learn effectively but parents can also be beneficial as well. Now, everyone can learn the Chinese Language and the English Language easily, no matter who they are.


Jem Hiew,

Founder of Juperhero EduFun Academy

Juper Core Values (LPPRR)


·       Love – Educate with love, respect between Juperhero
family members.

·       Passion – Commitment with heart and mind.

·       Professionalism – Conducting work and teaching with
professional expertise.

·       Responsible – Responsible for every decision & quality.

·   Reliability – Give productive educational advice and collaboration with the parents. 

·        进行爱的教育,互相尊重Juperhero的家庭成员。

·        热情以忠诚及才智投入教育工作。

·        专业精神以专业智慧进行工作和教学。

·        负责任对每个决定和质量负责。

·        可靠性提供建设性的教育意见并与父母搭配合作。

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